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Wandering Willows screenshot
Wandering Willows screenshot
Wandering Willows screenshot

Wandering Willows mini-reviews

Fabulous game by Angie
I cannot seem to get all the pets! If they do eventually appear, I can't get them to give me an egg. Other than that, I think this is the greatest game ever! Sure hope they do a sequel.
MMO by Monika
It's cute and fun. Well 90% of the game are. I'd improve some things like a 'pick all'-button or something. The max skill lvl are way too low. And running around takes ages even with the teleporter. I would love an online game in this style.
i really DO love Wandering Willows by Natasha
Wandering Willows is one of the best things that i have played during this whole summer except the trial is over. I really hope that Wandering Willows is on nintendo DS that way i can play every where i go. the pets are so cute and i found numerous things. I have like 8 emeralds and opal

Welcome to the Wandering Willows™ game fan site!

Wandering Willows™ is a new adventure RPG game for those who like raising virtual pets. This game can work on Windows and Mac OS X.

Welcome to Wandering Willows™, a fanciful world full of startling wildlife and captivating quests. With over 40 charming virtual pets to befriend and train, you will find just the right help completing quests for the Wandering Willows's funny inhabitants. The mysterious power of the Wandering Willows™ island has brought there people from all time periods - from pirates to UFO pilots. Garden, bake with numerous food recipes, and create clothing with the treasures your pets fetch for you. The Wandering Willows™ land is waiting for you!

Wandering Willows features:

  • Over 40 different entrancing pets to collect and train
  • 200 food recipes to collect
  • More than 150 quests to complete in Wandering Willows™
  • Customize your avatar with over 150 pieces of clothing

Free Download (32 MB)

The Wandering Willows™ game is available for PC and Mac.
Download Wandering Willows for free and enjoy playing it right now.
Spend some time in Wandering Willows today!

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